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#1284 An average session on the Internet // the life of a Forum Moderator

Posted by Inception. on 02 August 2013 - 07:18 AM



"...go fuck a peice of lasanga you gaylord" I must say, I found that rather hilarious.

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#22963 ChristMusty Holiday Giveaway

Posted by Rage VG on 16 December 2013 - 04:30 AM

Well first off, Happy holidays, everyone. I hope you're enjoy the holiday season.

I have with me here, through a combination of my contributions and the generosity of others, 91 games to give away to you folks. Some of you may remember my first giveaway. We'll be doing this in the same manner as that one, just on a bigger scale, and with 100% more eggnog.

So, I will breifly explain how this will work:
1. You post here and pick a number between 1 and 90 (that isn't already picked).
2. When all slots are taken or enough time has passed, I'll draw the numbers. The first number drawn gets first pick.
3. I'll message you via the Musty forums to ask you for your choice. If you do not reply within a day or so, you will be sent to the back of the line.
You need Steam or Origin to redeem the games. Add my Steam account HERE so I can send the gift to you.


Welp, post away. Aaaand we're done! Find the detailed list of games and users HERE.

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#39366 A Message from Steak & Potatoes

Posted by klesh on 17 June 2014 - 04:32 PM

This morning I received a communiqué from Steak and the Potatoeman, he asked that I post it here:



Day #12 - 0315 hours


I've drained the life out of 16 young ice packs with my bare hands to maintain a core temperature of under 100 degree (sic).  I have molded said corpses into a dreamcatcher which allows me to see into the future.vdyDzNL.jpg



Further communications he wishes to be distributed will be posted here.

For now, please send Steak your well wishes, prayers and whatever positive vibrations you can.

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#3897 How Boobies Ruined and Then Enhanced My Gaming Life. By Hetstaine

Posted by Taranis on 19 August 2013 - 02:32 AM

Article by:  Hetstaine



Gaming. One of the ultimate chair-bound leisure anyone can do in the privacy of their home. Boobies: another of the ultimate pleasures that can also be found in the confines of the home. Mixing the two...can it be done ? 

 I discovered gaming at a young age, Donkey Kong at primary school. Awesome.  Mortal Kombat nights with a bunch of mad screaming mates. Nights in town topping the scores at various machines like Alex the Kid and 1942. What could be more awesome than shelling coins into a machine and beating someone else's high score, leaving your name in lights at the top of the screen for everyone to see..boobies, that's what. Boobies walked past and gaming was forgotten. High scores meant nothing, pixels could not hope to battle cup sizes and win. Boobies became the new game.


High school, cars, work, life...gaming hadn't taken a back seat, it became non existent. Boobies were a constant. Then a sunny afternoon drive found me pulled up out front of a tech store. My wallet parted some serious folding for a PC. Games.. but more than games... Simulations. Holy fuck. Boobies, that constant for so many years, were rendered obsolete overnight. Gaming was back. The particular set I had at that time was not a happy set while I was entranced by these beautifully rendered pixels on the screen of wonderment in front of me. 

Instead of buying lingerie I was buying more ram, instead of spending money on dinners and movies I was installing new cards and upgrading my processor, TV became a thing of the past and reality show nights with a side of boobies became team-speak nights with a side of world war II planes, blowing the fuck up out of aliens or Germans in some fps. 

 Soft boobies supplanted by hard joysticks and red lit keyboards. It was awesome !! Until one day the boobies found a hammer and took it to the inside of the PC, after it had mysteriously described an arc through the air and crashed onto the ground splitting the casing. Hammer versus 7900gs cards in sli = fatality. 

Those boobies were banished and never to be seen again. As much as I loved boobies I was now very wary of them. Several sets tried to force their way in but I pushed them away. I had become hardened by their soft lure, and not in a good way. I had no boobies and no games. I was a man wandering the earth disillusioned. Bearing a cross no man should ever have to.

 Then a particular set of boobies walked in, somehow different from the rest, they drew me in and I was once again captured by their ungodly power. I gave it about a year and then one evening pulled the dusty old hammered PC out and placed it on the ground before me, all those memories came flashing back, piloting across Europe shooting down the Luftwaffe and strafing troops, no scoping noobs in Carentan, tea-bagging the fallen. My gaming senses were suddenly alerted.. I turned and ...boobies! right behind me in the doorway..'Whats that ?' they said...' a box of great power..' I replied, and then we looked it over together. Together. The boobies were interested, they wanted to know what made this shiny box work, how it worked and what it could do. I was shocked.  Over a few nights I watched these boobies help strip down and rebuild the machine, learning as they went I realized I may have found the always quested for boobies..gaming boobies. 

 We installed Crysis, the boobies loved it. And they were great boobies too. I cried myself to sleep that night. Like a child being held by Michael Jackson.  Because the boobies had shown me so much I dedicated more than half my time to them and then when I gamed the boobies gamed with me. The boobies even liked the joystick as much as I did.

 These boobies now wander the Chernarussian landscape with me, watching my back and sometimes picking me up in a car but mostly just dying in the hellholes near the coast. When the boobies are in trouble I scamper to save them, in game and in real life. 

 Real life gaming boobies, something that many believe is a falsehood or interwebz meme, a story only spoken of deep in the forest among bearded warriors, a myth. I am here to tell you that they are out there and I can only hope you too will find these in your gaming journey...but be prepared for the wrath that some boobies can bring or the end of your gaming life...it is a fine line we tread.

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#15168 Nether...Well I'm Nether Playing That Again.

Posted by Steak and Potatoes on 02 November 2013 - 07:49 AM

Welcome to Nether thank you for your money in my pocket please make a log in and sync your steam account with our forums: Jimmies rustled. Fair enough good sir I chant! Progressing the waste of my day to play and make a log in on a hideous forum I will never go on again only to have the cunts syncd to my steam account so they may shovel rubbish into my email like a drunk vomiting into his flat mates toilet.....

Log in completed...... I finger the shit out of the sync 50 times until it loads a hard on and finally stuffs the vagina that is my steam account.  Freshly pissed and ready to test word of mouth and a youtube video of WarZ giving life a second go I slap the bitch into action.  Select play on steam present my fabulous log in info for the twats and let it spit out a mass download/install.  By this time I have roughly an hour of playtime lost to pressing buttons, checking emails, sync attempt fails and a sideways dick of a log in screen ejaculating its GB download into my eye.  Not letting it best me, I step out and puff a cig like a young mick jagger waiting to take the stage and return with a fresh attitude.  Download completed as I return and the game shuts down without one stroke of my keys.

I fancy another go at log in and its successful only one issue........ every server is empty.  This to me appears either I am the only idiot in the world who did not read between the lines and purchased a suck fest off hype or there is no one who has successfully reached this stage of the game.  Mind you release was a day before.  I check the shite forum no info, customer support bonus instantly.

I shotgun wedding and log into a server to be greeted by black screen.  Shutdown, restart, rinse repeat for another 30 minutes until I have decided this was not the best 2 hours of gaming I have ever played.  I give it a days time and look to the heavens that Halloween will bring me candy upon log in.  I load in (Day-2) suprise mother fucker you get to download more cock for your fetish.... Frustrated I go back to the drawing board via cig presuming my mick jagger tude will return to stage.  Return after another sploog of Gigs is now dripping from my screen and select play.  Make it into a server (18 minute wait) and come to character selection.  I get a red shirt, a brown shirt, a blue shirt and some pants.  Cool dicks, I pick the most flamboyant gear and load in with hopes someone will spot me quick and we may raise fisticuffs.

I type over side chat “is this pay to win” first response from this beloved games community is I do not think so....Not convinced I leg it around the map looking at I am legend meets a glowstick anal fest and find a player jacking off under a bridge.  I run up and slip him my blade watching him struggle till his heart ceases.  Not bad I thought.... shots then begin to pour over my character as some kid with what I assumed was a sweet purchased gun spills every round into the dirt and walls, no survival based weapons are exhausted in such a manner.  He runs away telling me I cannot attack him in the safe zone???????????  :V !!!!  He steps out again after buying more ammo to miss me and I break for it.  He vomits rounds left and right coming about as close to me as an overweight woman to a treadmill.  Based on his lack of abilites I stopped running and took a pimp stride Neoing through his rounds until he met the Matrix face to face.  I stab him in the thoracic cavity and my game freezes.


I am Nether playing this again..Log out and go beat meat to lumber jack videos.

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#40244 A Musty is born

Posted by BigDog on 07 July 2014 - 09:55 AM


16 hours ago my son was born :)
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#39951 A Message from Steak & Potatoes

Posted by Steak and Potatoes on 27 June 2014 - 06:27 PM

Thank you all for your kind words and sexual innuendos.  I'm home, in teamspeak looking for love.  My med schedule has me extremely off but I will do my best.  It hurts to sit upright in a chair and laugh but I feel I am do for some smiles after being slammed with needles and scans for weeks straight.  


Love you all,



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#28588 **** TS3 Server Important info ****

Posted by Meik0 on 24 January 2014 - 04:39 PM

Because i don't want to keep "secrets" from the community, that admin was me. And that admin is sorry. 

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#18935 Actual DayZ back up on Musty!

Posted by kichilron on 20 November 2013 - 01:57 PM

Hello everyone,



I am more than happy to announce that our US-based server is back up.


We have made a couple of small additions to it, but it basically is Vanilla DayZ and nothing fancy on there. If you like DayZ in a way that is not easy / gives you everything to survive and more within seconds you should try it out.


It currently is set up to see if people will play on it and if enough people vote for it, we can change a couple of minor things to make it "harder".









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#39372 A Message from Steak & Potatoes

Posted by klesh on 17 June 2014 - 05:07 PM

Hey folks.


I, too didn't know anything until I saw Star (I think) or someone in the shoutbox mention he was in the hospital.   I had his number because he was going to visit Massachusetts this summer, and we were to hang out.

I sent him an initial message, and he has been texting me back and forth, with the occasional picture like this.


He is still in the hospital, the above message he sent on 6/17 at 3am his time, 7am mine.  He is currently heavily medicated which makes texting and getting details difficult.  He told me basically he went in because his stomach hurt, and it went straight downhill from there.  12 days later and he is still hospitalized.  He is not doing particularly well, but his spirits are up.  Clearly you can't keep a good mustache down.


I'm trying to get a hold of his wife, so I can speak to someone more lucid on the scene. 


Musties may be called to action in the future, depending on the circumstances.  I'll let you all know when and if that's needed.  As I say, thoughts, well-wishes, prayers, good mojo and vibrations are all we can do for now.

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#34522 So Mayuyu and Star met up...

Posted by Mayuyu on 24 March 2014 - 12:14 PM



Sydney was lit up for an entire day.

We ate pancakes and then did terrible karaoke.


Delta, you're next.



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#31948 Hitler reacts to kichi banning me

Posted by tommy290 on 28 February 2014 - 01:54 PM

WARNING: This video contains adult language. Viewer discretion is advised.




:wub: kichikichikichi

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#30672 Where I went and why I'm no longer active

Posted by Skat3rat on 14 February 2014 - 10:24 PM


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#27849 I got An Article Published

Posted by DanielZuko on 17 January 2014 - 05:48 PM

I wrote an article on leadership about a month ago for the Lean Enterprise Institute and they ran it today :) I'm pretty excited about it and wanted to share it with my musties!




Later dudes and dudettes!

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#25946 Fix for a S@#ty Graphics Card/Pay it Forward Contest!

Posted by baker on 03 January 2014 - 08:05 PM

Here's the deal, Imma mail youz guys a Radeon 7950 3GB Graphics Card!

Whats the catch you say? Well you have to do something nice for some random person, and somehow prove it (pictures, testimonials whatever). I am going to wait a week, pick the best three and open a poll for the community to decide who wins! Now I have two of these mafuggas (tested and working! as they came out of me own box), So two winners!


So to elaborate! Go out do nice things! Win a sweet graphics card and have it mailed to your house for free! 


**(intercontinental contestants may have to wait a lil longer than North Americans as my shipping budget is fixed)

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#22480 So I started Skyrim on PC

Posted by Steak and Potatoes on 12 December 2013 - 12:32 AM

His name is beast....







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Posted by SaberDave on 30 September 2013 - 09:58 PM

Hello Everyone,


This is SaberDave and I wanted to write you guys a quick note as to the way I do things and what to expect from me. Also I want to give everyone the chance to ask me whatever or present issues you may have with me.


This is spurred by a couple of recent events that were small, yet good examples of what not to do. No details needed there but suffice to say I hate be forced to bring out my bad side. 


So first let me explain what I try to do, it really boils down to one thing, keep the game fun and fair for all players. That's it at it's most basic level. So things that are not fun or fair are dealt with as best as possible.


These include:


• Bugs with the game that cause issues leading to a loss of some sort

• Hackers causing issues/deleting/killing

• Accidental or unfair killings in the trade zones

• Stealing of items in trade zones

• You having a derp moment (only a few of these allowed)


In addition sometimes I will help players that are just in a bad situation alone. This requires that my actions will not interfere with another player, or give them a game breaking advantage. 


Now sometimes I make mistakes. So far this week I have killed two players and knocked out one by destroying objects (I did tell them to run), I interrupted one players covert base attack when going to help someone with some bad placement issues, I also teleported two guys stuck in a car into a barn in my base instead of going to them. Most of the time laughs were had.


Lets talk about the other times.


So when things happen that are out of the ordinary, I will correct them in my own way. I don't really have time to analyze who did what or who is saying what. I see the end result of the problem and quickly determine how to fix it. Most of the time people are more than pleased with the results. But some people are more concerned with their position being right then getting to a good solution, so we can all move on and play. 


If you choose to start going off on like a tyrant I can assure you you will not like the outcome. You see I am very patient as long as people are reasonable, however I have very little patience with those who are not. I run a company IRL and believe it or not I like to play DayZ to relax. I don't mind helping others do the same. 


So if you choose to call me names, bitch about the server, general self righteousness and being down right rude, you become THE PROBLEM and I will solve it very quickly. 


I am assuming that it's mostly people not on these forums that will act this way but if you play with others that are not reading this forums please inform them that when they have an issue, chill out and let us help.



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#39373 A Message from Steak & Potatoes

Posted by BigDog on 17 June 2014 - 05:22 PM

I'm vibrating like crazy for our Musty Overlord.
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Posted by Steak and Potatoes on 03 January 2014 - 11:50 PM

Greetings fellow musties this will be the last month we run the BF-4 server for the time being.  It is not that we do not want to host BF-4 but in its current state it is an absolute waste of our communities funding.  Both client and server side is plagued by crashes which we have submitted support tickets for on 3 occasions and TBH for a ranked server company got absolute shite for responses and no fixes.  Server #1 went from a below 40 rank to 3k due to it crashing at peak hours.  We do not feel it right to hold up a dontaion goal for this as we aim to provide the best we can for our members.. As said with BF-4's state it will need to be fixed before we offer them funds to run a server.  I hope you all understand and if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM directly.  Majority of us will continue to play at times however hosting a server in its state is not worth it.  In the meantime you will see servers coming up that are hosted through our dedicated box to play of different game types which will reflect no additional cost to our members as it fits under the main treasury.  As always wish you all the best in gaming and a happy new year. 


Thanks in advance,


The Musty Team.

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#13987 Musty Christmas Preparations

Posted by Steak and Potatoes on 26 October 2013 - 08:13 PM

Greetings Fellow Musties!


In spirit of the upcoming holidays we have indeed leaned towards an opportunity to give gamers the one thing they seek.....Games!  As December is yet around the corner we are starting to put together the Musty Steam Giveaway.  Amber and I have put together roughly 38 games at this point for our beloved Musties, however recently I was sent a PM from a User I will not name (secrets) who wanted to join in and help for the cause.  Our donation goals as you all know cease after fufilled this prevents any extra money from funds being used for anything other than their intention.  We are here for you all not for ourselves.  That said I added a donation goal today for those who would like to chip in for the steam giveaway come Christmas time.  As always we appreciate your support and love that makes this community whole and every penny spent will be going back into our players pockets.  Thank you all for the undying support and love you all give.  The steam giveaway will work as a raffle where the list of current games are posted and users will pick a number in a set range.  Once numbers are selected the raffle will begin and we auction through the listed game titles until all have been given away to our community.  Furthermore and noted no communtiy members are required to contribute to this potluck of games. If you do not wish to we understand, it will carry on either way, we are only making it available to others if they wish to contribute.


Kind Rgds,


The Musty Team.

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