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Meet The Staff

AmberHelios - "Gone But Never Forgotten"
A_Typical_Noob- "Ghost Bustin"
Baker - "The Mess Until the Mess Gets Here"
Baron - "Mustralian Wonder"
BigChef- "The Dude"
Deadactionman - "Scriptoriums Imporium"
Delta Smoke 01 - "Fish and Chips"
Dr Bane - "For all of your rugs and rug accessories."
God- "Tickle Fetish Tuesday"
Inception. - "Forever Young"
Insaniac - "Gimme da bat bat bat"
Ice_cream_soldier "Ghost Bustin Also"
John69 - "Norweigan Party Bus"
kichilron - "K├Ânnen Sie meine Tropf beheben?"
Legacy - Teamspeak Overlord
R4Z0R49- "I cant be bothered with that"
SaberDave - "Deep Voice=Sexy Voice"
SergeantSquiggs - "Horror and Klondikes"
Star - "Nice Peace"
Steak and Potatoes - "Moustachio Medley"
Sula - "The Lovely One"
Taranis - "Laying Pipe"
Target Practice - "Pew Pew"
Tommy290- "Sailing in Circles"
"woolybackjack" - "Floppy and Phallic"

  • Taranis, Steak and Potatoes, AmberHelios and 5 others are drunk enough to care