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Mad Max

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    I have a question.

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Steam link: http://store.steampo...com/app/234140/


This game is a year and a half old, but I just got around to playing it. Figured I'd pass along my thoughts for the handful of Musty's who don't own it yet.


It's normally $20 now, but I got it on sale for around $5. I wouldn't be too upset for the regular price, and at $5ish it's a steal. I've got close to 20 hours in so far and I think I'm about halfway through the game. 


I'm assuming everyone is familiar with the premise of the Mad Max movies. This game is basically set in the same universe but isn't supposed to be a remake/prequel/sequel of the movies (at least as far as I can tell). You could play without ever having seen any of the movies and you'd be fine. 


The game is open world and has a few of the standard conventions. You start off with some tutorial style missions, then you can do whatever you please. Map locations are revealed by going up in hot air balloons, or by exploring and finding them on your own. Missions are basically about finding stuff or killing people. There's a lot of fetching things, and there are a ton of places to get scrap (currency in the world) and relics (mostly just collectibles for background story purposes). If you like Batman Arkham/Assassin's Creed/Far Cry style games, you'll probably like Mad Max.


The melee combat is pretty simple and straightforward. You can punch, block, or evade. You can unlock special moves and a couple weapons, but ultimately the fighting is just doing those three things until all the bad guys are dead. I enjoy this style of fighting in games. It's not super complicated and making mistakes isn't usually a death sentence. It's fun when you get the timing down and unlock moves so you can take on lots of guys at once.


The car combat is very cool. The base car you start with sucks, and I wasn't really thrilled with driving. After chugging through some of the game and unlocking upgrades things changed. The map is pretty big and well designed, which makes it more fun to drive once you start being able to go faster. There's also a lot of different enemies to battle with. They won't chase indefinitely, but will for a pretty long time which makes it a little nervewracking when you're trying to get back to a safe spot.


This is one of those games where it's all sort of easy-mode without being boring. Ammunition, for example, is in short supply and you can only carry a few bullets at a time so you can't just simply Rambo your way through a base. However, you can also build a fortress addition (there are a few main fortresses in the world) that refills your ammo to max every time you visit. You can simply ignore building those things if you want more of a challenge (so far I don't think any are required to progress through the main story), or you can build everything like I've been doing and know that all it takes is a quick fast travel to get restocked. Leveling up has been fairly automatic for me by just playing the game (not sure what it's like when you get towards the end), and so far I haven't had to really grind for anything.


Overall, the game really captures the post-apocalypse desert wasteland feel of the movies. The driving and fighting are both entertaining, and the world is fun to explore. There's quite a bit of brutal and horrifying imagery, so don't let the kiddies play it, but if you're looking for a way to kill tons of crazy, barely human survivors with or without a vehicle, then this is your game.


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thanks for the input it does look pretty cool.  i used to play mad max on the old NES lol

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