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Hiiiiiiii Musty friends !

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Ladies and Gentlemen it has been a while ! In the time since dayz I've played many a game on and off, and none really stuck. Until now. For the past year I've been playing a relatively underground game, called Gloria Victis. This game has come on leaps and bounds since it's release, and I've been playing almost a year now. In that year I've raised a large guild and we are now in full control of the 'Ismir' faction. Basically the Vikings faction. I lead them myself, and we are a solid force in the game. If any of you want to try out a cheap game and join up with us I think you would all like it. It's community driven, so it might even be a pathway to rebuilding Musty. I implore you guys to check it out.


https://steamcommuni... free to add me


My Guild 'Aesir' in action defending our guild castle, 'Castle Twinfall'


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Yo Delta!!


I actually installed it recently! But I hardly have any time to play :(


Fcuk it. I'm taking the day off.

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The beginning already began and ended. The ending already ended and began again. The Middle Way is near if you’re beginning to see how all things are connected; it’s already here if you’re on the path and you understand that the journey’s the thing.

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